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Locating Vehicles

Locate Your Vehicle with Vectu

Never Lose Track

With Aspenta’s Vectu, your car is always in sight.  If your car moves for any reason, you are notified immediately.  You can see exactly where it is, to maximize the chance of recovery and minimize the time to do so.

Recovery through Vectu eliminates the disruption to your life of insurance claims, the loss of your possessions within the car, the wait period for your insurance company to recognize the car as stolen, your deductible, the difference between reimbursement and replacement values, and both your time and effort required to replace your car. Vectu makes your life easier, while making things more complicated for the one who stole your car or motorcycle.

How It Works

Better ideas that lead to better outcomes.
GPS or A-GPS technologies alone don’t work if the antenna is obscured.  If inside a building, parking garage or under a bridge, GPS and A-GPS based products are unable to provide any location information at all.  

Derived from the phrase “Ubiquitous Location Awareness”, Aspenta’s unique location technology combines the best of GSM triangulation (to work anywhere) with GPS location (for pinpoint accuracy) to provide you with the most consistent and reliable location possible.  Even inside a building, parking garage, or under a bridge.

Easy and Affordable

Vectu is easy to use.  By answering a few simple questions, you can quickly configure how the device will be used and who should be alerted in the event of a problem.  You may choose to share your location information, under what circumstances, and with whom.  Vectu is foolproof.  The auto-arming feature means that as long as you are away, the car is armed.   

Vectu is affordable, with the lowest flat, monthly rate available. No contracts, no roaming charges, and absolutely no hidden costs.
The aspenta advantage
Real Time Alerts
Real Time Alerts
Get notified immediately when things don’t go as planned.  Like if something happens to your car or if a young one wanders too far.
Worldwide Coverage
Worldwide Coverage
Borders can’t stop Vectu!  Aspenta’s unique location technology works almost  anywhere in the world with no costly roaming charges.
Low Cost
Low Cost
Vectu offers the lowest flat monthly rate, with no contracts, no roaming charges, and absolutely no hidden costs.
An alarm only works if you remember turn it on. Vectu automatically arms itself whenever you are away, so that you are always protected.
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
Stay close, even when you’re apart.  Rest assured that you can locate your car, laptop, or loved ones when you need to.
Powerful & Easy
Powerful & Easy
Vectu is unique in that it's simple to use, yet allows you to configure it to best meet your application, preferences and requirements.
Know that information about you or your family will never be sold or shared with others without your consent.
Vectu Superior Technology
Superior Location
Our unique location technology combines the best of GSM triangulation with GPS location to provide you with the most reliable location possible.

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