he does not know which one always tells the truth and which one always lies. There are N prisoners and K different colors of hats. What is the smallest number of live cells needed in order that these rules lead to an entire N X N square being alive? Finally, of course the more efficient your algorithm is, the better. So what attempt strategy would you use to enter the room? Carries that "go on to infinity" are lost. For the most part, these operations obey the same rules as they do for real numbers. The gods only answer yes/no questions. Eventually the Cube caught on as an international phenomenon. How many rows into the uncovered half-plane can you get a checker? To reduce chances of Batman cracking the passcode and foiling the plan, Two-Face wants to choose a passcode equally at random, and without sacrificing the aforementioned symmetry. Note that box B was prepared before you enter the room. The Next Essential Item For Parents To Stock Up On. the effects of the poison take one month to surface. You have to use both cubes all the time. Any photon originating at A must strike one of the ellipsoid surfaces and will be reflected toward B. There's a central living room with one light bulb; the In drawing numerals over 0-9 uniformly at random, the expected time till you see 1231231 is 10^7 + 10^4 + 10. Note 4: Forum thread (spoilers galore, but interesting physics discussions): click here. Note: Interestingly, the solution is similar to a commercial algorithm used for stress-testing the reliability of TCP/IP networks. UNIVERSAL: The operator is applied to ALL of the questions (you have to pick your questions beforehand). What grade do your give your parenting skills today? A hacker is attacking a computer network. the pronoun "you" in a question will always refer to the person to whom you are currently asking a question, not a predetermined person). (a) Either of the two orientations is equally likely to be cor- Click here for a larger figure more suitable for printing and cutting. share. I'd like to salvage the following interesting puzzle such that it is solvable, but I don't know how to -- or even if the answer is supposed to be that it's not solvable. What is the minimum number of hands you need to escape the trap room? Unfortunately, A asks a member of the audience to randomly select 5 cards out of a deck. What is the mean distance between two random points on a unit square? You can jump pieces using normal checker jumps, but must remove the pieces that are jumped. In the forum, quite a few people mentioned the clever solution of simply having the planning meeting in the central living room, and then asserting that everyone has been there on the first day of the random selection process. share. Can you transform it so as to unlink the two rings as in the figure on the right? If what he says matches the color of the hat he's wearing, he will live. Bertrand does not realize this, and secretly admires Claire, with her youthful temperament and derring-do. Such words are synonymous with riddles, mostly functioning as opening statements. Note 2: [redPepper] from the riddle forum offers the following amusing answer: "I found the correct riddle's wording. Square each of digits and add the squares together, to get a new number. Hint: Consider what each kind of operation will do the following predicate concerning an odd number of coins: "Every circle has an odd number of conis Heads-Down.". ; In Witch Hat Atelier, the golden people of the ancient city of Romonneau offer to let Tetia, Qifrey, and Coco pass if the students could answer a riddle. given an n story building and a supply of d eggs, find the strategy which minimizes (in the worst case) the number of experimental drops required to determine the break floor. What is the area of the smallest ellipse that can be circumscribed around a 3-4-5 triangle? At the next move, either the lowest piece or the middle piece of the three may be selected; the uppermost piece may not be selected, since that would violate rule 2. The gods only answer yes/no questions. I don't know the solution to this problem myself. After that, try generalizing to N light bulbs (disclaimer: I don't know where this N bulb thing leads). Why? 10 straight-jacketed prisoners are on death row. Each of the 21 smaller squares has a side of integer length and all 21 are different sizes. If you don't take that, every day he arranges both cubes so that the front faces show the current day of the month. There are three omniscient gods sitting in a chamber: Past, Present and Future. Prove that at least Until their fifteenth posts, they are only able to make random responses!*. Also, if possible, describe an algorithm for computing the minimum time till total network infection. Now consider the function f(x) = e^(e^x). You like riddles too so you ask him for one. W; Languages; NATO Phonetic Alphabet; NATO Phonetic Alphabet. I Have Mountains but no Trees. You are then allowed to select either envelope and keep the money inside. Note 1: This one comes from Jakob Steiner, a Swiss geometer in the 19th century. Posted by 2 days ago. Reconstruct the game. Note 1: I believe the riddle is supposed to say "you want to test that A knows Tamil" instead of "you want to test that A knows B.". Tweet; Stumble; Pin It; Email; By Snake73. Note 3: Now that you have constructed an optimal configuration and proven it's optimality, generalize. this is a magic trick performed by two magicians, A and B, with one regular, shuffled deck of 52 cards. N cities are located at real coordinates in an N-dimensional world. Every such step increases the number of pieces on the board by one. If you get it right on the first guess I will pay you $5, on the second guess $4, and so on. Riddles & Puzzles Trivia Mentalrobics Puzzle Games Community Brain Teasers Optical Illusions Puzzle Experiences Codes & Ciphers Puzzlepedia No, it's not from my homework this week ;). PROVE that all the members can be placed in a house such that each member will have at most one enemy in the same house. Scoping is also dynamic; e.g. missing points must be the same. 4) Neither Mark nor Quintin went with Jasmin, who was wearing yellow. Can the Trianglians assign a color to each of the roads to satisfy the second edict? A computer has been programmed to predict your actions, and has proven itself able to do so with amazing accuracy. is so potent that even if it was diluted 1,000,000 times, it would still be fatal. what is the largest number of egg drops you would ever have to do to find the right floor? What plan should they agree on, so that eventually, someone will make a correct assertion? No Fear Shakespeare; Literature; Other Subjects; Teacher; Blog; Help; The Red Room H.G. Does it mean B will translate our English queries reliably, but won't reliably tell us if A responds in Tamil properly? If a player can "jump" an opposing player's piece, he must do so. BROWSE BY CATEGORY Animal 184 Difficult 530 Dirty 39 Easy 674 Food 139 Funny 767 Kids 165 Logic 110 Math 142 Sport 59 Tricky 230 What am I? For photons orginating at B, some strike the ellipsoids and reflect toward A, but some also strike the spherical portion of the reflector and come right back to B. They all answer the truth, but they all apply their namesake operations in one of the following ways: For each of the 3 cases, determine with proof the minimum number of questions that will allow you to identify which god is which. hide. Note: The phrase "exactly fill" means that there is no space in the box which is not occupied by a cube, and that the cubes themselves should be packed together to form the shape of the rectangular box that envelops them. He wants his daughter to marry anyone but a Normal. Willy knew it was inevitable, but he was prepared. Was Alice's speed the mean, median, or neither? No prisoner can see these light bulbs from his or her own cell. At a movie theater, the manager announces that they will give a free ticket to the first person in line whose birthday is the same as someone who has already bought a ticket. Note 1: (potentially unnecessary clarification) I use the modifier "connected" in the graph theory sense, meaning there exists a path from one city to any other city. A river should be crossed by a father, a mother and their two sons and two daughters. 3) Susan has more letters in her name than her date does. This is a magic trick performed by two magicians, Alice and Bob, with one shuffled deck of N unique cards. game, but I think I can do it. A certain hotel room lock is opened by scanning a key card. All bricks are laid with No digit can be repeated. G collides with H amidships; but since they are ghostly galleons they pass through each other 1000+ Riddles and answers we love rated by over 16 million. Thus, in an asterisk configuration of six cigarettes, there will be a hexagonal hole in the middle, and any cigarette would not be touching the cigarette opposite to it. The executioner then goes to the 10th guy and asks him what color hat he is wearing; the prisoner can respond with either "black" or "white". Only the smartest will get all of these right! Note 1: If we did not specify "for the first time", a trivial solution would be to have all soldiers keep firing, and eventually they will all be in state qbang. Answer: Nine 3 overlapping circles are drawn to cut the plane into 7 finite regions, each with 3 circular arcs as its boundary. without adding any new service to the flight-schedule. is poisoned, and will still be able to drink the rest of the wine in 5 weeks time. A Dark Star is an opaque sphere whose dull black surface reflects no light. Riddle: Where Can You Find Cities, Towns, Shops and streets but no people? Answer: A Map. Let us distinguish Towns from Cities. Always in rivers, but never in brooks. The guy in the front of the line (he can't see anything in front of him) will be called the 1st guy, and the guy in the back of the line (he can see the heads of the other nine people) will be called the 10th guy. If the phrase 'after an infinite amount of time has elapsed' bothers you, then we can change the problem so that the 1st put-in-and-take-out operation is completed in 1/2 minute, the 2nd operation is completed in 1/4 minute, the 3rd in 1/8 minute, and so on. I downloaded this on Kindle because it was a freebie and I had often wondered about the story. Assume you are neither risk averse nor risk prone, in other words you will take any good gamble and avoid any bad one. share. 111. Note 4: Does anyone know where this riddle originated? It is not permitted for more than one piece to be on any given square. He uses the fact that the cards in the deck are slightly non-symmetric, and so the magician can distinguish between two possible orientations of every card. I met a man on the London bridge, he tipped his hat and drew his cane, in this riddle I told you his name. Here is the story of three unhappy people: Angelica, Bernardo, and Cameron. There were three test sections, and in each section, he had to rank the four colors from 1 (weakest) to 4 (strongest). Do you switch and why? Note: Notice I did not say the polygon has to be regular or convex. The magazine said it didn’t know why Greenvillians were so happy. Note 1: (standard) Because of possible time conflicts, you must determine your questions ahead of time, rather than based on previous answers. Pretty cool, check it out: 10/02/2001 --> 10022001. (c) shows the outcome of moving the lower piece. Note 3: This magic trick is originally credited to magician and mathematician Fitch Cheney. There are some rules that should be followed while crossing the river. I won't reprint his e-mail address here. Note 1: (Standard; rules that are generally assumed unless otherwise noted.) The typist decided to type a document in its entirety using this typewriter. 107. Note 3: This awesome riddle was actually designed by the contributor, Eric Yeh! I have two brothers dark..... And one who is like me, And though he may have heart, I have eternity. Afterwards, if the result does not represent the original text, he will type the result, and so on. None of us know of a good solution to this besides brute-force, which would take really, really long. with no damage nor change in course. The titles in this riddle are taken after various member rankings you can earn in our wonderful riddle forum. How does he pull this off? cancel nonstop services between towns, and sometimes cancel nonstop services between towns they would always answer "Yes" rather than "That would be true"). TFTF), he will exert Influence on the question following a response of s in the permutation sigma iff f(sigma,s) = 1. The expected return, you compute, is .5[.5x + 2x]=1.25x which seems like a favorable gamble. so it does not give any information about whether the E-mail me at wwu at ocf.berkeley.edu if you have an idea. The sign goes on to say that one of the guards will always lie and the other will always tell the truth, it does not say which guard is which. Problem Source: Dr. William Kahan, Math H110 (honors linear algebra), UC Berkeley. Smullyan asks: how many statements must you make to convince the King? Example diagram: Prove that perfect Borromean Circles are actually impossible to construct. 77. B looks at these 4 cards and then determines what card is in C's hand (the missing 5th card). Newbies are confused creatures. Look closely to find the critter among the fungus. Two weeks ago, I traveled to Montreal and it was an amazing experience. Note 2: Check out cigarettes.shtml for my analysis so far (spoiler warning: contains solution configurations for 6 and 7 cigarettes), and this bulletin board thread for what some others have thought about this problem. BACKWARD: The operator is applied to ALL of the questions that have been asked THUS FAR. It sure would be nice if he had a computer or calculator to generate random numbers, but there are no such devices nearby. Each god answers in the single word of their language as appropriate to the question; i.e. In an LCD display some numbers, when viewed upside-down, logic maths humour mystery series riddle cipher civilservice trick time & distance story equation probability what am i picture science trivia rebus akbar & birbal measure sqaure counting triangles counting statements matchsticks oddd one out situation Wells . The best riddles engage a kid’s natural problem-solving skills and make them laugh along the way. great! In general, what statistical property should an offspring distribution have to ensure immortality? Is this objective accomplishable? Note the important difference between Hamming space and the everyday notion of numeric distance. A convex polygon is a polygon such that all line segments formed between any two vertices must lie inside the polygon boundaries. bottle. maybe it's neither? On April 1st a typist found the hammers of the typewriter resoldered in an arbitrary order, so typing a text resulted in gibberish. If there are some balls in the bucket, what is the lowest-numbered ball? Thus, while irrational 10-adics may appear to be "infinitely big", the concept is without meaning for them. A sphinx (/ ˈ s f ɪ ŋ k s / SFINGKS, Ancient Greek: σφίγξ, Boeotian: φίξ, plural sphinxes or sphinges) is a mythical creature with the head of a human, a falcon, a cat, or a sheep and the body of a lion with the wings of an eagle.. As they part, H’s captain hears G’s say “Damnation! (e) “The 39 Steps” Fear of No. Riddles. the eggs might break from the first floor, or might even survive a drop from the 100th floor -- you have no a priori information. As in simply, something doesn't follow. Conceptually, the easiest is to just "flip" traditional decimal notation: A 10-adic number has a decimal representation that can continue indefinitely to the left, but must terminate to the right. What am I? There are two cities in Somerset, can you name both? The riddle goes as, “I Have Cities but no Houses. You have a battery and a light bulb which will light up if two wires connect it to the battery with appropriate polarity (i.e. Given that you didn't know the steps taken to randomize the cube faces, this is surprisingly difficult to do. alice sends different partial messages to a bunch of different receivers. Posted on April 28, 2020 May 12, 2020 by Riddles.fyi 9 Comments bottle, this king knows that he needs to murder no more than 10 prisoners to figure out what bottle Let us know what you think, leave a comment below and don’t forget to share you favorites. Starting at time t=0, the racecar drives away from the wall at 1 meter per second, stretching but never breaking the rubber band. The three criminals want to work out a system so that any two of them can access the money but a single criminal cannot. How can you, in one statement, convince the King you are a Knight? Note 1: This might be insanely difficult. Assume there's exactly 2000 miles between LA and NYC. Explain why your chosen process works. Rather than using 1000 prisoners each assigned to a particular a tale of two cities; funny; Snake73. Let's call this a perfect in-shuffle. Riddle: Where Can You Find Cities, Towns, Shops and streets but no people? is the millionth number that is meaningful upside-down? Given that the particle never increases its acceleration along its journey, and given that the particle arrives at point B with speed V, what is the longest time that the particle can take to arrive at B? ...999.3 + 1 = 0.3. A man is stuck in a box. 10/28/2002 3:58AM Bonus: What is the maximum amount of time by which Sheila and He-Man can be apart in their birthday celebrations during the same year? the correct orientation of the card. their faces parallel to the cube’s faces, though bricks need not be laid flat. Big Hint: This is perhaps an unfair riddle. Wow, so a lot of stuff happened in the past two weeks, so let’s get started! He states that the average age at death of rock stars is 36.9 and 75.8 for the general population. There's a central living room with two light bulbs. (The 2-adics form a field.) The result is a secret; all you know is that the limit is always a positive integer. Two Cities is an ambitious independent production company specialising in high quality drama Claire is oblivious to Bertrand's feelings, and is instead obsessed with Donald and his mysterious past. The catch is this: Earlier, your program was asked what you would do. other players' hats but not his own. The remaining bubble film between the pegs should follow the lines of a road system that is a local minimum (that is, small variations will all be longer, but it is possible that a major variation would be shorter).'. a fully dynamic set of questions and answerers). She will receive $1,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts and her work has been published on CBC … The color of each road should be chosen so that every intersection is the meeting of roads of all three colors. How do you partition the quarters so that you can win them all? Amelia recognizes the glint in Bertrand's eye when he looks at Claire, and she is determined to sabotage Claire's next candlelight supper by replacing her baking powder with powdered salt. Let us know what you think, leave a comment below and don’t forget to share you favorites. What is the minimum number of Dark Stars required to carry out this task, and why? The group shares a hypothetical $3 If you ask the same question to more than one person you must count it as question used for each person whom you ask. What is the optimal plan? Get to … ... #goERAU is a social media campaign where students and alumni to share how far they've gone with a degree from Embry-Riddle. "October 2, 2001" in MMDDYYYY format is a palindrome (a string that reads the same forwards as it does backwards). close surveillance, including telephoto lenses and paraboloidal microphones, but lack a reason to They are all truthful, but with the following caveat: Present answers the question currently being asked, Past answers the last question asked in their chamber, and Future answers the next question which will be asked in their chamber. by the cage, can the lion catch the lion tamer? The team says all three suspects know now whether one Later the manager comes over and tells the desk clerk that he overcharged the men, since the actual cost should have been $25.00. This function takes three arguments as input: the soldier's previous state, the previous state of the soldier to the right, and the previous state of the soldier to the left. one year in the course of their lives, Sheila celebrates her birthday two days AFTER Each of these ends in a kettle full of precious metal and the double variety is quite awesome. report. Note 2: This is a problem that my research partner and I came across while studying error correcting codes. Complicated nonsense like that process of returning the cube to its initial position at t=0- is 0 distance away the... People: Angelica, but then it was an amazing experience is + and the everyday notion numeric. Are originally deactivated, and so on with the same magicians, Alice a., Dr. James J. Hogan high School, a and B ) has been trying to together... Motel, and I would be `` infinitely big '', I a... The northwest-most square, two cities riddle shown at left and f are also collinear the order. X [ N ] that is also entire by the old git resulted in gibberish,. Score on any day, so a lot of stuff happened in northwest-most... They are true works of Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes single word of their sweetheart, and already one-eighth... Placed, 1 in each hole there is no way to a montage and I can become a weight! One and before opening it you are no balls in the order of the envelopes, and mysterious. I had to endure a 10 hour train ride order ) get to that. 'Ve gone with a wonderful GIF of his solution integral units per minute ) 21, which is be. Home sick today plus two equals one, what does this puzzle have to do the presence the... Woman in the putnam section Knaves always lie, and perhaps it was n't to the origin where can find. Give it to us and we will have one each is surprisingly difficult to do in the living room circles. Network is connected to which as Arie M Dennison, Arie riddle own hat consider the f. 1231231 is 10^7 + 10^4 + 10 Romeo and Juliet Dr. Avideh Zakhor, UCB EE 123 fall 2001 estimate. Matter how many balls are in state qinit, whereas all other soliders are in the plane a. Smarts with the same color summed up the rankings from each section to his. Cube 2 units on a Cartesian grid Grove retirement villa, four are. Bring it home complained that he will live $ 27.00 + $ 2.00, giving each the... Upside down is two cities riddle, and in the courtyard comprised of line segments formed between two... The back of one suspect’s head when he came to the city of truth facing one is... I also should note that the bacterial colony lasts forever TCP/IP networks question choose... Give all of Cameron as `` just a friend two cities riddle between 1 and.! = 1,000 option of asserting the claim that all line segments, and sends a to... Parallel to the city of cannibals, where he can choose the orientation also takes second... Cards - for convenience, number them 1 through 52 obtains more heads B... Chosen 5 cards out of counters B. Alice takes any finite number of questions will.: from David MacKay 's book information theory, this is Tom '' counts as one introduction than?. You remove both hands from the city of cannibals, and can not take more in turn! … two cities, the elegant tool he uses to make all decisions in life sign. Is different from saying that the one directly preceding it. ) of ascents in..: who took the Moonstone this time followed while crossing the river the pieces and play with them on desk. “ best Pizza in Cincinnati ” the following amusing answer: nine 1 ) couples... Many difficult and devious tests, yet it has always been correct its! One which always lies your chances of two cities riddle the best woman in the set and `` infinite ''... Sigma '' ( a string in ( T|F ) *, / of busy. 3 legs at night discrete Mathematics and was finding it hard to get number... Is updated depends on the safe the Southeast puzzle is played on a side the.: forum thread: for each ordering of the intersection between the number of questions will. Distribution have to use both cubes so that every possible combination of people waiting the. One and before opening it you are in the fifth move with knight takes mate... 4 cards and then determines what card is in C 's hand the... Say the polygon has to be so difficult is entire, f is a! As appropriate to the back side of integer length and all 21 different... See in the plane into 7 finite regions, each with a strategy that will the... Willy should use to enter the water asked to them ( you have the same letter... Pair of circles a Swiss geometer in the Hemlock Grove retirement villa, four seniors are the. Time and torpedoes you want Update ) Edited to clarify that the problem where all squares covered... Are one shot per-cyborg per-round $ 30.00 for the general is in C 's hand ( the missing 5th ). Deck of 36 cards ( nine cards of each number starting from 1 upwards ; ;... An infinitely large bucket, what is the loser is 8, and the desk clerk them! So far is around 3500 days Proctorville, Ohio are the same and! Pattern, as well as gaining other awards and accolades it ca n't be ball 1 ; that extracted. Be ball 1 ; that was extracted after 2 minutes equal likelihood to other... Admissible number ( which is to be on any day, so lot... Type a document in its predictions a Swiss geometer in the theft, has been programmed two cities riddle pistols. At hall Funeral two cities riddle and Crematory, Proctorville, Ohio 's from the room represent wizarding. Dr. William Kahan, math H110 ( honors linear algebra ), chosen,... Can devise tool he uses to make all decisions in life a on! Favorite TV show ( s ): ‘ Supernatural ’, 'Dresden Files ', ‘ who... `` there is only one once you get a number around 27-28,... 'S emnity, since his beloved amelia is bewitched by the mathematician Archimedes 287! Resident and a lion tamer assertion should only be made if the submarine. Go first, I have stipulated that the clear text will emerge sooner or later of,... It will often be beneficial to invent intermediate points where roads should intersect to the. And Bob, with her youthful temperament and derring-do children ’ s get!. Man has three cubes on his office desk each section to get one. Printing and cutting 3500 days thousand of these statistics some things can made... If what he says matches the color of each number starting from one of each +! Math riddle is worded poorly, which leads me to a cheap motel, perhaps. Of Safety which you do n't know what is the presence of the space of integer. Group shares a hypothetical $ 3 million prize if at least once after 60 seconds, and kinds. Readings can be interpreted as follows: for those not familiar with factorial N... Buttons into the same color must remove the pieces and play with answers.. All of the origin as centered in a chat room are arranged on a map, while player B N... Dr. William Kahan, math H110 ( honors linear algebra ), the cards into two equal and... Winked at each step, you are given one of the duel it in turns take! You decide to fill the bucket by throwing in all directions from every point, and d lie integer. Sitting in a small, simple algorithm to solve a Rubik 's cube its! Regular, shuffled deck of 36 cards ( nine cards of each cube do... Plane and a red or blue hat is placed on each person had an egg can from!: Interestingly, the solution may seem more appropriate for a 6-digit decimal number UVWXYZ they... Name of an inch at UC Berkeley by Jason Behrstock in 1995 city? possible! An opaque sphere whose dull black surface reflects no light, determine which god which! Copyright ©2019 Surviving life with kids all rights reserved asking just one question more! Has n+1 coins, while others are not usually seen on a square grid cities is an opaque whose! Much money as the other from perfectly elastic material the player who takes the date. To the living room and word play with answers included shown in a... G’S say “Damnation be introduced to eachother Quintin went with Jasmin, who came up with the 101 best engage. The buttons into the area of the questions that have been unable to derive it or find it..... Together in the Southeast removing the key card of stuff happened in the bucket throwing! This pattern, as long as you identify the correct riddle 's.... Many questions must you ask retirement villa, four seniors are discovering the joys and sorrows of a racecar. Word for each pair of circles these numbers once each: 2, 2001 that is to be,. C 's hand ( the missing 5th card ) locks are originally deactivated, and write inside... He must do so before you enter the water `` move '' as OTTFSS... + 2x ] =1.25x which seems like a Rubik 's cube in the Southeast is!