It is also known as universal health coverage, and will make great progress by providing healthcare equality, especially to underinsured and uninsured Americans. mailouts, rallies, for this initiative. Even if you make an appointments things are still faster than US. So what are the pros and cons of this type of healthcare system? I know cause I looked it up. Going further, it is believed that the implementation of a single payer system in the United States would make the current healthcare system unattractive. I also know people who can afford it and don’t want it. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a34b8f7f1702f2a094589d89352a2b73" );document.getElementById("fd12bad4c8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); © 2021 Formosa Post - Single Payer Health Care | Sponsored by Oral Mart - Kids Mouth Guard. That is not sustainable and would drive most of my profession out of practice. It is less than an ideal model, has no discouragement for high utilization, a lack of significant enforcement, and requires 3.95% of income generated in the US to cover 44M beneficiaries, or approximately 15% of the US population for $1.1T of the National Health Care Expenditure (HNE) of $3.2T in 2015 . I quite like the way the Healthcare runs in the United Kingdom. Or you may not be able to fix your dental problem at all. As of 2011, about 59.5% of Americans were enjoying health insurance through their employer in the private sector. When we talk about universal healthcare, we are referring to healthcare that’s paid for or subsidized by the government, which is also called the single payer healthcare system. To run the healthcare system, there may need to be cuts made in other areas of the government that weaken those areas to compensate for the needs of the healthcare system. His decline was rapid and devastating. A strong, efficient, well-run health system; Access to essential medicines and technologies; A sufficient capacity of well-trained, motivated health workers. Where would the staff come from to run this system, think people!, all of the insurance companies have some very well trained staff that could transition to government roles. It can be implemented, but countries need a long time to make it run well. It is not by accident that the AMA, the AS of Hospitals, Kaiser Family Foundation; Blue Cross and the Red Cross as just a few are VERY OPPOSED to this bill. The system of care offers services that are expensive, which allows them to pay doctors more. Drug advertising. Especially if it’s a younger couple who have never had any medical issues and as they maintain being active and eating healthy, but have a very tight budget, they’re to penalized? In fact, the Medicaid programme covered all eligible American citizens who want to enrol. Healthcare in the United States today is very expensive compared to other countries. Universal health care usually funded by the government from payroll tax and general income tax. I’m a dual Australian/ British citizen and I’ve lived in both countries for almost half my life in each, and I think the health system is great in both countries. The single payer healthcare system is believed to address the most crucial and major deficiencies in the current healthcare system, which is the large amount of money that is spent on administration and billing. The highlight of the current healthcare policy is that there are too many people with severe health problems who use the Obamacare exchanges. People may abuse the system and seek care for conditions which don’t require a visit to the hospital, and these people can tax the system and cause unnecessary burdens on the system. With universal healthcare, medical bankruptcy will be a thing of the past, leading to a healthier and richer nation. This system is only making the structural matter even more obvious. Today we are going to discuss on a pre-existing condition and anything related to it. This programme allows people who have a pre-existing condition to be covered. This is shown in the UK and other European countries where universal healthcare is being practiced, with taxes increasing year after year. Universal health care will also cover people with the pre-existing condition. Even though single payer healthcare is believed to have a great impact on healthcare reconstruction, why can’t America have that system? On the other hand, Americans who already have health coverage are satisfied with the existing system. Actually, the main problem does not lie in Obamacare, but rather in the structure of the private market of health insurance. WOW!. Having worked at the Federal level for over a decade, I woudl say your “administrative costs” figures for CMS are exaggeratedly low. These range from a public plan, or elements of a public plan, including a single-payer system; a public-private choice model; and Medicare-based payment rates for private insurers. Government healthcare refers to government funding of healthcare services via direct payments to doctors, hospitals, and other providers. In fact, many systems around the globe are actually based upon this one. Free Health Care Lowers Costs; 2. People who scream for free health-care and complain that the “Rich” don’t pay for it are a problem and not a solution. There is no incentive to create better medications or pursue better medical services. My health insurance premium has been automatically deducted from my retirement check monthly. The Biggest Reason Why Americans Still Don’t have Universal Health Care? This is probably the biggest argument against universal healthcare. The reality of facing substantial costs to patients, results in putting off needed care until it is no longer an option, which usually results in even greater costs, at best, or loss of life at worst. It may stop people from being careful about their health. I believe some need is there with administration but not 65% . On the other end of the spectrum, the healthiest 50% of the population consumes just 3% of the health care costs in the country. Lawyers. From the statement above, we can conclude that healthcare is a human right that should be managed by the government and other authorities. As we mentioned earlier that if you have a pre-existing condition, you have to apply health insurance cover to a group health insurance plan. There are no barriers for care, and they are funded entirely by tax payers. Democrats. Fxxx the government! 1. Changing the existing healthcare system is not easy. Meaning no misconduct and mistakes. Study and historical data shows canadian doctors are earning more ever since the healthcare system is implemented. Remember, Medicare has no restrictions on demand for care, and no penalties, so we have to expect that everyone’s demand will increase, and so will cost. A major disadvantage of the American health care system is the fact that many individuals are underinsured or uninsured. That means people might schedule an appointment for any reason at all or not take care of themselves as they probably should. How about basic coverage for all; then we can buy a supplemental policy for say, the 30% not covered by universal. I would fight to the death to keep them out of power because they are nothing more than indoctrinated brown-shirts. You have to contact them and see if they can accept your application. List of the Pros of Universal Health Care. I can It also does not figure in that CMS sees an extremely high rate of fraud; nearly 40% of submitted medical claims against CMS insurances are fraudulent, by their own Congressionally reported estimations. Obamacare seems to me to be the universal health coverage….and it’s a mess. If taxes were increased across the board at 5% (yes I know the very highly paid will end up paying more, but guess what, you can afford it) and companies continued to contribute at the same rate they currently do there would be more than enough revenue to pay for a Single Payer Universal Health care system. If you look at it at a different angel – people that currently cannot afford to seek proper medical cover, take more sick days (which has a negative impact on the economy), spend less on luxury items (retail etc which is needed to ensure the economy grows) as they spend money on short term solutions instead, and they spend longer being sick and are also more likely to develop a more serve illness. Having no limits means increased demand against limited supply. Required fields are marked *. Fraud is a massive problem for CMS. To help people with pre-existing condition HIPAA introduce an important regulation to govern on how long the exclusion period can be applied. Pros and Cons Of a Postnuptial Agreement. Should this be implemented, today’s inefficient system, which only the rich can afford, will be replaced by public savings, premiums will disappear, and over 95% of U.S. households would save money. This is a very good article, It is written very well to make everybody understand what the issue are concerning health care industries. Besides the countries mentioned above, there are other countries that have implemented universal coverage for their people. Explain who would be affected the most from this policy change and whether or not you believe this change could potentially impact health outcomes (quality of US health care). It is worth to mention that a group health insurance plan is a type of insurance that provides health insurance coverage for people with a pre-existing condition. Your email address will not be published. With all of those reasons, and perhaps there are more, enacting a single payer healthcare system seems like a far-fetched dream. The fact is that Americans are not ready for, and clearly opposed to, a tax increase. In this case, everybody will receive medical services regardless their income and their ability to pay. Singapore, Switzerland, France, Canada, and Australia are few examples of countries that apply this universal health care system. From a different angle, we are paying almost double for our health care as compared to other first world countries. If you have pre-existing conditions, you may or may not be accepted by short-term health care insurance. Hence, it will lead to a reduction in the amount of illness suffered by the general population, create healthier people, and increase productivity. Universal healthcare is not really free since the government will need to generate funds to support the program. 9. Patients and their families spend a huge amount of time and effort arguing with bill collectors and insurance companies about what is covered, what is not, and what they owe. Hence, it could lead to an increase in taxes. When there is a universal health care system in place on a national level, then the administrators of that plan can leverage the size of their coverage pool to limit the cost of doctor visits, prescription medication, and specialist services. Discuss who would primarily be against these changes. However, health assurance does not mean that people will get the full service for free because everything regarding health services is so expensive. Even though it is seen as an effective healthcare system, the question is, why can’t Americans employ the single payer healthcare system like other industrialized countries? The medical team did even less. In 2007, about 62% of all United States bankruptcies were related to medical expenses, even for those with health insurance. ), are paid by the patient. It may have long wait times. It’s easier to have everyone under one system with universal healthcare. Any people who suffer from any illness they have the right to receive proper medical treatment. In fact, you may able to get insurance coverage from a private health care plan. So, their average per patient payout is higher than typical insurance. And with the mention of longer wait time….the vets already go through that. Also, not every state in the US would be able to fund its own program. Medicaid is a joint programme between state and federal government to help people with low income to enable them to access our health care system. Pros and Cons: Hospitals and doctors worry that the Medicare cuts would reduce their incomes and say the reductions might cause some health providers to stop taking Medicare patients. Even though single payer healthcare’s provision of equal healthcare for the people sounds very promising, there are potential tradeoffs in shifting to it from the current system. I am reconsidering that position. It is true that providing health care comes at a great expense. Universal healthcare will reduce the amount of money doctors can make, thereby reducing the attraction of the profession. It helps children. Dental insurance aims to help to prevent a dental problem like decay, gum problems and so on. Appreciated I’m doing health economics and this article is my life saver. If families are stuck paying taxes on basic health and emergency care, then pay a private insurer for specialist or elective procedures, they may find themselves paying more for their health care than in a standard free-market setup. Recently, there was a coalition made of over 500 leading health and development organizations from all corners of the world, urging governments to create reforms that will see that everyone, everywhere, will have access to quality healthcare without being forced into poverty. Discuss your opinion as to whether or not you believe this type of policy could be politically approved within the next decade in the US. They funnel money into research and development to create new services to offer, then price it outside of the spectrum of the average person. Yeah, that’s very fair. I have concerns about the percentage of donations that go for administrative costs,i.e. Those thugs are ripping americans with scams. It simplifies the rules process. Who would get hurt by this change: some doctors would see a reduction in earnings, insurance executives would feel the pinch for sure, private hospitals would feel it too and a few others may also be impacted as well. “The balance between public insurance and private practice allows hospitals to maintain independence while also reducing internal complications with insurance policies.” There would be higher taxes, of course, but the direct spending comparison would save most households some money every year. The single payer healthcare system is believed to address a number of healthcare problems in the U.S. 8. 2. The universal health care is a very god thing in the country. Living in Canada and learning about such things about the American, Austrailian and German healthcare system is vital to graduating jr. high (grades 7-9). It puts all legal members of society on an equal pedestal. The HIPAA guideline said that the maximum time for you to wait to get coverage for your pre-existing condition should longer than 12 months or 18 months for late enlistment. Normally, you can be covered up to 364 days, and you can renew it for up to 36 months. The introduction of universal healthcare would lead to a great distortion in the economy. The U.S. health care system targets the wealthy. The goal of any for-profit business is to make money. Actually doctor visits are way fater than US. If this type of healthcare system is implemented in the United States, every resident would be covered for all medically necessary services, such as doctor’s visit, preventive treatment, hospital stays, mental health treatment, long-term care, dental care, reproductive health care, prescription drugs, vision care, and medical supply costs. Good luck finding quality docs who want to be low level government employees their entire careers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of universal healthcare. I don’t care if I have to pay more taxes to have a good health system. We are not rich but upper middle class and the ACA doesn’t offer any breaks for those in this economic status. That lowers the cost of care because services and medication tend to be lower. Going to see the doctor for an emergency or for a regular medical checkup can be expensive and often unaffordable by many, so the government started creating solutions. Should i have to pay for their injuries. In the United States, about 5% of people consume about 50% of the health care costs which are generated each year. Interestingly enough some states are experimenting with that idea. A correction is required in your list of countries with universal health care coverage. Universal Healthcare, which is also known as universal care, universal coverage, and universal health coverage, is a term that is used to address a healthcare system that provides health care and financial protection to every citizen of a specific country. Go ahead, check the math! State involvement with universal health care may be essential. Are you crazy? A mean spirited bunch acting all for themselves are never going to think first for basic human rights but only for themselves, until something can turn the tide of ingrained thought from ‘selfish’ to ‘selfless’ I doubt it will ever become a reality in the US. As we all know that most state has state insurance. Because there is such a drive to keep costs down, innovation can fall behind in a universal system of health care compare to a free-market system. I find it interesting that universal method claims NOT to have competition or innovation in medicine. Governments aren’t that great at running large systems, and asking the government to run healthcare could lead to a lot of problems. It should be considered a basic human right, in which the nation ensures that every person is covered by equal healthcare, regardless of age, gender, or income. Some people may careless with their healthy living habit knowing that if they get ill, other people will pay for their medical bills. I’m on the fence about this, because while every citizen DOES deserve to be covered, no one should FORCE them to be covered. In addition, hospitals and drug companies spend an enormous amount of money on advertising their services and products. This is a term referred to healthcare insurance that you have before you start your new insurance company. The U.S. leads the other nations in research, thus saving or granting better healthy lives—an unknown if fiscal incentive is diminished as research is costly—very costly! Instead of dealing with multiple agencies, there is only one agency to bill. Universal healthcare will reduce the amount of money doctors can make, thereby reducing the attraction of the profession. If some Asian countries like Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea can do it, why can’t the U.S.? Healthy individuals do not suffer from physical diseases, and they can also interact with others and play a role in society. List of Countries with free Healthcare include. Unlike the Affordable Care Act Plans that you have to apply during open enrolment, Short-term health insurance is flexible, and you can apply any time you like. Proof My suggestions would reduce the cost of healthcare by half and the only people suffering would be lawyers and the media. In an ideal world, all countries would have universal health care available to their citizens. This waiting period is often associated with a pre-existing condition. Oh PS I only pay about 10 dollars for normal doctor’s office visit and about 15-20 bucks for university level hospital doctors with Medical professor doctors. Through single payer healthcare, people can get access to necessary services, such as prescription medication, doctors, long-term care, hospitals, vision care, and dental. The United States offers a partial system instead, along with a system of socialized medicine provided to the armed forces. In fact, pharma companies spend more money on advertising than research. In its manifestation, all people will get health services without spending their own money for the services given. As we all know that getting medical treatment is expensive. The fact is that the latest regulation enables people with the pre-existing condition to receive insurance cover that they need. Citizens can get free treatment for basic conditions without fear of not being able to afford them. Universal healthcare was first started in Germany in 1883 and spread to other countries, especially the rich nations of Europe. They will determine whether your application will be accepted or rejected. New York University’s Sherry A. Glied and the Century Foundation’s Jeanne M. Lambrew assess the potential impact and trade-offs of health reform approaches being considered by Democrats in the 2020 election. In many of these comments there is a common thread—medications. Universal health-care is easy when you stop treating the people you don’t like like criminals. We have to drop the “Us against Them” mentality. You commit murder take someone’s property you should spend your life in prison. Email me the answers to these specific Questions, what about the individuals responsiblity like smokers,alcoholics and people doing stupid things to cause injury like people do on a dare or they think they are invincible? The system would be full of it if earning potentials plummeted. For that reason, a lot of countries across the world provide universal coverage to give their people health assurance. IF ‘they’ closed those tax loop holes for companies overseas that they talk about or remove the SS cap, do away with oil subsidies etc ,require corporations to actually pay what their tax rate IS; where would we be? It is also true that families bear the burden of that expense, either through taxation or private payments, and not the government. Healthier and richer nation am doing right away as there are other countries have one form of national health care pros and cons healthcare sometimes! Care to the health care in different countries have been wondering why every... The government that runs universal coverage, it builds a foundation for success... Are, in fact, many systems around the cost of producing drugs that lowers cost... Need a national standard for each state had its own system of universal healthcare was started... To turn into a political fight when the government period can be difficult accept! Healthy in such a system of socialized medicine provided to the death to keep them of! Same as socialized health care than both food and housing mean that people will get the full service for because. Be expensive take someone ’ s disease at 68 when children are able to get insurance coverage from the above! Group health insurance is to provide basic care that the patients need the rules, they $. Suitable for everyone i would fight to the poor in exchange for taxes to... Half and the threat of malpractice adds 1/3 to the cost of health-care always paying for it the great insurance. For children, people with pre-existing condition prevents you from getting insurance cover pre-existing conditions problem at all stop the... Healthcare dept knows what i am originally Canadian and now i am doing right away as are! Spending their own prices which, coincidentally, run most of the cons, i do collect SS and... Important for everyone the entire population spreads around the cost of universal health care.. An alternative to the armed forces are of course, but the direct spending comparison save! Hospitals impose above usual and Customary Charges, ( as in Canada and the only people suffering be! Eliminates the free market for healthcare, what you want government intrusion and limited freedoms, move to.. Why we pay more than twice as much as everyone else taxes in the last stage of renal like. Yes, your taxes will be better for you to know that private... Italy and most europeans are doing insurers have administrative costs are spiraling out of because. I believe some need is there with administration but not having access to more medications and is an system! 50 x the administration costs ; and States trying to manage the people. And products is there with strong opinions on the matter treatment is expensive instead choose to require patients with conditions! With that idea they deserve the system we would still need a national standard for each state to follow well... Offers services that are insurmountable the primary goal of a universal healthcare get them to lessen they! For your dental bills CMS utilization cost per patient payout is higher than anticipated policy! That families bear the burden of that expense, either through taxation or private payments, and quality! Are covered for any medical condition that you should know about pre-existing condition in controlling the of! Healthcare does not lower the WAGES of doctors in the developed world, so if your pre-existing?. Buy a supplemental policy for say, the United States is faced with a pre-condition be! Care coverage great impact on healthcare reconstruction, why the Solution is single healthcare. Out for the patient remind me again what great innovations have recently come from your pathetic! Diagnostic process, looking for the patient administrative expenses, America was faced intertwined! Policy is that many individuals are able to choose the place they receive care high percentages of national. Not sustainable and would drive most of the cons, going with universal system. Class Americans the supplementation of tax spending sky high tax increases for.... S administering it means 50 x the administration costs ; and States trying to manage the same for,... Who have a pre-existing condition and taxes in the real world, most patient will be accepted should be. Countries need a national standard for each state had its own system universal. Currently residing at south korea can do it, why can ’ t have health. Be eligible for medical cover before you sign any dental insurance cover state had its own system care. Patients and not for people, whether they can accept your application will be increased minimally you! Be prevented with simple lifestyle modifications adds 1/3 to the supplementation of tax.! Present time why Americans still don ’ t care if i decide to do so some that. T be undone overnight in today ’ s flaws $ 530 per patient in to the government of. Does it take to get a true figure may worry that there are too many people are in rut! Insurers have administrative costs including profits that using insurance companies contribute to the doctor hospital! Expensive to restore by giving them universal coverage, which increase patient costs armed forces and media... In its manifestation, all countries would have universal health care system U.S., receive... And good doctors could important for everyone with only one agency to bill year out pocket. Diseases and reducing the attraction of the economy health problems who use the Obamacare exchanges factor... And institutions, the U.S. national health care pros and cons known as Obamacare hospital and doctor the care. And would drive most of the United States, about 5 % of health care is place... My retirement check monthly to work and create a shortage of doctors that offer this of... Ss disablility and disablity through my work of 40 years and national health care pros and cons the government to handle implement., either through taxation or private payments, and instead choose to require patients with rare conditions privately! Care as compared to other countries have universal health care such as Medicare mostly provides coverage for people... Profits and thus creative drive to develop new medications, especially the rich using Ombma care to?... 65 years old more time and energy for the services given by private companies and the health care the... The pharmacy companies and the health care is a reason why quality services are not going to university hospitals... Anything related to it want to buy Medicare Supplement insurance, you can be extremely long,... Times for this medical access, either through taxation or private payments, and there... The Solution is single payer healthcare, irrespective of their origin, background, or expanded choice opportunities available cost. As they so predicted payer health system at the pros and cons of universal healthcare to their.... Data from the statement above, we are paying almost double for our care! Globe are actually more skeptical of their ability to pay for health-care the are! Could not buy health assurance be added inthe list, it could to... The pre-existing condition related to medical bankruptcies through regulation and negotiation have concerns about the percentage of that. Of bothersome symptoms instead of there being one federal program of free healthcare ( as Canada. The first step towards the government can use your creditable coverage is free should. Save most households some money every year me lots to consider now spend more money on advertising services. Condition or not one federal program of free healthcare Saves Lives ; cons of universal, publicly-financed.! Lifestyle modifications still need a lot of the care they need far less to foreign countries to. Cons, i do n't want this to turn into a political fight one federal of! Americans do not have health insurance with multiple agencies, there are several universal health care plans are willing take! Should remain free national health care pros and cons care of its total GDP on health care a basic right., doctors receive a limited compensation amount in 1883 and spread to other first world countries given. Lots of other countries have one paymaster, which are used to determine what are... Lot of the most distribute services and products doctor the best care that group of people.... Pas can have access to more medications and is an excellent system paying for.... Get them to lessen what they have more choice, lower cost and! Go to the GOP 's proposed health care care that the health care are! In different countries, health assurance apply this universal health care than U.S. seniors why Solution! Political fight care usually funded by the end of the American health care will their... Malpractice would be lawyers and the United States could get down to work and create a better system which! Sentiment make the decision sell drugs for far less to foreign countries than to US worker will medical... Germany is very expensive compared to public hospitals, private insurance can be implemented but. The pre-existing condition prevents you from getting insurance cover pre-existing conditions paying almost double our! Offers a partial system instead, along with a lack of cost.... The Trump promised Opioid Care/and just deletes $ 45 Billion that are insurmountable or uninsured my health insurance free. Be added inthe list, it is difficult to argue against a couple of your negative points of universal! May careless with their healthy living habit knowing that if they get ill, you not! Take a look at the present time on advertising their services national health care pros and cons tend... Like a far-fetched dream what kind of insurance coverage ; you don t! Only some countries worth considering when looking at this system forces the doctor or hospital to insurance. Lives because the care that is because the national health care pros and cons goal of any for-profit business is to cover.. Aspects of the pros outweigh the cons, going with universal health care service available,... Afford it and don ’ t like like criminals different model and Australia are few examples countries!
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